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We're looking for a tough-minded individual who wants an opportunity to be successful in all phases of life in the Northwest GA area; one who is determined to reach his/her goals, who is competitive, who desires to grow both personally & professionally with a long-term desire to accumulate wealth and happiness. Candidates should be optimistic and bring a constant positive mind set, and not allow any obstacles to get in the way of their dreams! This person does not believe in excuses. They WILL be successful no matter what. This person shall not fear rejection, nor be shy about walking into a place of business or knocking on someone's door. When the opportunity presents itself, the person shall tackle it with 110% effort and refuse to be told No. There are no sales skills required for this position as you will be trained on all on you need. The only skill that is required is the passion to accomplish your goals. If you inquire about the position, be prepared to communicate why this description fits you.