Virtual Security Guard

Curb Intended Criminal Activities

Reduce Monthly Costs by 50%

Eliminate Risk of Physical Confrontation

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Our proactive approach curbs intended criminal activities by an impressive 98%, safeguarding your home or business effectively.

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It's impossible for a human security guard to see your entire business property all at once. With strategically placed cameras providing round-the-clock coverage of your entire property, Owen's Virtual Security Guard can promptly detect any signs of suspicious activity, regardless of its location. We leverage live visual confirmation with remote agents, who can warn the intruder with real-time warnings about impending police arrival. Upon confirming the intrusion, Owen Security initiates immediate police notification.

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Owen Security "Virtual Security Guard" vs Security Guard

Virtual Security Guard

  • Utilizes strategically placed cameras for comprehensive, round-the-clock coverage.
  • Monitors the entire property simultaneously, eliminating blind spots.
  • Enables prompt detection of suspicious activities regardless of location.
  • Leverages live visual confirmation with remote agents for real-time response.
  • Warns intruders about impending police arrival, acting as a proactive deterrent.
  • Initiates immediate police notification upon confirming an intrusion.
  • Reduces monthly costs by 50%, leading to significant yearly savings.

In-Person Security Guard

  • Limited to specific areas of the property at any given time.
  • Relies on physical presence and may not cover all areas simultaneously.
  • Potential blind spots and delayed response in detecting suspicious activity.
  • Response time dependent on physical presence and location on the property.
  • Limited ability to provide real-time warnings to intruders.

Switching from traditional security guards to Owen Security's Virtual Security Guard can also reduce monthly costs by 50%, leading to significant yearly savings.

In addition, with remote agents, the risk of criminals overpowering them, as seen with traditional guards, is eliminated. Our agents swiftly alert the police, while also warning intruders about police arrival—all without personal risk.

Additional Benefits

Virtual Security Guard

  • Eliminates costs associated with on-site personnel, such as salaries and benefits.
  • Remote agents can manage situations without personal risk.
  • Proactive measures and real-time warnings contribute to a deterrent effect.
  • Easily scalable to accommodate properties of various sizes, and can adapt to changing security needs with technology updates.
  • Provides consistent and continuous monitoring, and minimizes the potential for human error in surveillance.

In-Person Security Guard

  • Guards may face personal risk when dealing with criminal activities.
  • Effectiveness may vary based on the individual guard's vigilance and training.
  • Limited to personal intervention and may not always prevent criminal activities.
  • Requires additional personnel for larger properties, and limited scalability.
  • Relies on the attentiveness and consistency of individual guards, which could be susceptible to human error and variations in performance.

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