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With the latest intrusion, life safety, and surveillance technology,

Since Owen Security Solutions began as a small business more than 50 years ago, and has now grown into a regional, award-winning company, we understand how much safety and peace of mind matter to you and your work family. Business security continues to be a growing concern for all of us, whether you own a clothing boutique in Rome, or an auto repair shop in Cartersville.

With options like Access Control, you have the power to control, restrict and monitor entry to your business, decreasing your liability and risk. Additionally, our Small Business Management Plan is guaranteed to save you money on utilities each year with the ability to control thermostats and lights. It's quite simply a smart business decision!

As a small business owner or manager, you have unique needs. Not only is safety and security important, convenience, speed, and affordability are of equal value. We can secure your business environment and at the same time automate aspects of your workflow to save both time and money. To give you added peace of mind, all of our optioned comes standard with remote access features, so you stay connected with your business anywhere and any time of day.

With Owen Security's business management solutions, you can have eyes on your business from anywhere, easily access a record of who comes and goes, save money on your utility bills, and remove the hassle of ever having to rekey doors. We work overtime to make your work environment safer and more efficient.

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When you call on Owen Security Solutions for your small business security, you can be assured that we provide you with:

  • Local Service and Support
  • Affordable and Reliable Security Technology
  • Custom & Personalized Design
  • Access to Expertly-trained Staff

Many large, national security companies rely on subcontractors to represent them. However, we only recruit, hire, and train local security advisors and service technicians. We are a family-owned and operated company. We pride ourselves in hiring local professionals who provide innovative security strategies, expert installation, and unmatched customer service. We have offices strategically located throughout America to help provide you with timely service and address your small business security needs.

Access Controls

Access Control Systems are quickly becoming a necessity for many businesses. This invaluable tool provides advantages for not only businesses but community clubhouses, neighborhood pools, etc. Access Control gives you the power to control, restrict and monitor entry. And allows allows you to restrict and track access into designated areas of your facility.

With this electronic technology, there is no more expense of re-keying your building or installing new locks if keys are lost or not returned. Access control systems will decrease your liability and risk. A few benefits include:

  • Managing Access - Determine who has access into your facility and know exactly where they are at what time.
  • Monitor Access - Having the knowledge of who and when people enter your facility, you will be able to identify culprits and recover assets should a crime occur.
  • Remote Access - Monitoring anytime with your computer or mobile device.
  • Make Keys Obsolete - Alleviate worry from having to collect keys from a disgruntled employee. Using our Access Control Systems, you will never have to make a new key or worry about a lost key again.

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